Himalayan Salt Block BBQ

For a long time, we have heard of the Himalayan salt block that can be utilised, for either hot or cold. So we bought one ( the best investment ever) and gave it a try. You can also buy the same product here; Himalayan Salt Plate

Here is the feedback from the one we have bought and tried and for those whom would love to try this out and have the BBQ with fully packed flavours!

We started off the select the meat for the event, and this time around we had the privilege to buy prime and organic rump, and Koedoe wors, this is actually the same a venison sausage. The meat has been matured for 6 weeks, now that alone increased the flavours with great details. The spices we selected was freshly ground black pepper, lemon juice and rose syrup that was made in the cape. But this was really legit flavour from real roses. All handcrafted products, not sure if they can ship this worldwide. But you can have a look here.

We decided to use the Webber that will be able to close and heat up the salt block super quickly, as well keep the heat intact as we continue to add wood from the bottom. The one we use is the same as in this link,Weber There is only one simple reason for this and the wood created a very distinctive flavour to the salt and to the meat. I have tried a gas burner as well, this is ok how does not support the flavour so much.

Everything is set and in place, the fire is hot, the salt block is on and waiting now for the heat… I test the heat of the block by placing a small piece of lemon in the middle and also use the lemon to clean the block and actually remove any bacteria on it from the meat.

Now that the salt block is hot we can start with the first rump steak…yummy.


Note the coals at the bottom. 


When the meat is ready, and I believe rear is ready, but many people will differ. On this specific cut and maturity rear is an absolute. We dip the slices into the flavour and enjoy with some of the best wine in South Africa! And we continue to social around the fire and add more wood and add more meat, and also add more wine on this stunning summers afternoon.

It is now time for the sausage to get to tase the salt block.


This was the best ever sausage I had, the heat has slowly sealed the flavours and the salty block made the most delicious sin texture I have ever experienced. This was also cut into smaller pieces and serve warm with a homemade chutney, that we also got from the same store.

Now that the eatery is over we continue to enjoy the outdoor weather and wine!

On a side note, I want to encourage people to look at the site and order these amazing products, all homemade with love and passion,

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