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I have been inspired by a friend to start the blog, actually, I have been asked many times before, as I have travelled to more than 41 countries…to date.  And friends have asked me to share my life in detail. Here it is! Let’s start…

I love adventure and called my blog the adventure club, so join the club and subscribe. There is also a link to the video section where you can see all my Youtube videos.

In this blog I am going to publish just about anything that I do, subscribe and you’ll have fun guaranteed.

About me…Grew up in the Kalahari desert with the sun people in Namibia. Did my schooling in South African and travelled to my first country in 1995 – Mozambique, in this era Mozambique was still very rural and just finished the war basically. Travel and live in the UK from 2000, and from there on I have seen the world… I like to paint, draw, paint, write, camp, hike, hunt, fish, jump, drive (pomp, jol en kare rol) and love the greens of Africa! O! and if you wondered I was born in 1982.

Also, I want to add that I am one of the best chefs around with a speciality over the fire cooking, I am so proud of that and have actually published a few books on Kindle, have also started to add them to my blog for free.

let’s be in touch and message me if I can personally, help you with planning, ideas, excursions or charity events.


This is me in Siberia -60C

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