LEARN TO SLEEP & RECHARGE: 25 Steps to deep sleep

The book has taken longer to publish than initially anticipated. My career has made some exciting diversions in the last year and I lost track of my final notes.

Never the less, I have dedicated time during the national lockdown to complete this book with the support of my Editor.

I am very excited to launch this book and now available on Amazon.com

The link is at the bottom of this blog.

There are millions of people who will benefit from the experiences I have accumulated and converted into this book. To my father, André Van Zyl and my brother, Dean Van Zyl, thank you for your support and daily encouragement. You have truly demonstrated family love and care in the development of this book from the start to the end, and including my life.

Honestly, when I first handed over a draft copy of the book, it was quite a complexity with no order to be specific. I want to reach out to my Editor, Ginny Porter with a big thank you on the exceptional work she has created. A lot of patience and time has gone into the work she has created. The transformation has delivered professional results for this eBook. We also have near-future plans to publish a hard copy of the book for a wider audience. Thank you, Ginny, you have done remarkable work.

I also want to thank God for the exceptional inspiration and guidance on the book. I believe this divine combination will enable so many people young to old to find the best sleeping pattern as intended for them to rest and recharge.

Introduction to the book; 

You got this book for one reason only and I wrote this book for one reason only – to improve your sleeping patterns, right?
I am not a trainer nor a professional in the sleep therapy field but I have seen great results with friends and family members including myself. I wanted to share this with everyone else and decided to write this simple book and share my last few years of experimentation on peaceful sleep and my findings of what has worked for me.
As my career progressed, I obtained progressively more responsibilities and stress-related activities at work. It had come to a point where I was the country manager for an international company. The taller the trees the more wind they catch, some believe…
The statement is very true as being a top manager does lead to many stress-related issues, some are conscious, others are unconscious. It is the unconscious stress that disturbs your sleep and keeps the electrons moving in the brain all night. I am now able to sleep up to 9 or 10 hours without any disturbance and take 30 min naps over weekends, I’m more relaxed, less stressed and anxiety has left my life since the ability to enjoy better sleep and rest.
I had been forced to seek help. As you know the first thing you do is go to the doctor or a specialist. Medics issue you with chemicals to suppress the neurons, which hack the most sensitive part of the brain recovery that is formed during sleep. After this phase depression sets in so you are issued with a new set of chemicals to breach the one and bind the other.
I know. I have been through actual phases and trials. I’ve experienced every mood swing known to man in a few hours, and this has impacted all my past relationships.
Only after my loving mother passed away, I realised how important my health is and how much value there is beyond a world of prescriptions. My day of freedom eventually arrived like rain on a famine land.
I have personally practised all the suggestions and heeded the facts recorded in this book. I have also shared this with friends and family. Each person with whom I have been in contact has developed and used my strategies with great success and deeper sleep. All of them have been on some sort of prescribed drug for sleep and 99% have been able to cut the habit of taking tablets before bed.
So, let’s move to the facts in the first chapter so you can start sleeping like a baby!
Everything you are about to understand is proven as the techniques have been used by myself although I have tweaked some details to be suitable in my environment.
I have incorporated nutrition advice from every part of the world to make this the best single guide you will ever own. The first three months consisted of much experimentation. Once I noticed trends forming, I was able to put in place a kind of best-practice approach each day. This enabled me to better understand the new routine.

You can search the title on Amazon.com

Or use this link; https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087PM69H9

Or on Kindle, or on Amazon.so.uk.; https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B087PM69H9

I hope everyone receives the best knowledge form this book, enabling you to sleep better.




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