The weekend in Maldives.

I got this special online and decided to book the weekend and fly to the Maldives. I could already smell the salty ocean in my mind while I was reading about the details online. I have heard so many good reports from the Maldives and the amazing snorkelling you can do there.

On top, if that I got a really good discount on my flight, from this company below, Cheapflights are always competitive with prices and from my experience beats the rest. 

The hotel I am going to stay at is Bandos Island Resort and Spa. The resort is located on the island and consist of the whole island. So small that I walked around the island on the beach one evening in less than 30min.

If you are interested to book your great weekend follow this link. There is also up to15% off on your order. 

All set and I am on the flight to Maldives, how cool does that sound? I am very excited and look forward to the small break and a well-deserved break from the middle east live. The flight was 3 hours, so this is perfect for the weekend. Before I knew it, I was flying over the blue oceans as we lowered down you could get a much better view of the islands. The airport I will be landing is Male, on the main island.


The Maldives has always been known for the honeymoon gateway mega. And I could see why as we got closer to the beautiful beaches. The view was just so nice and I knew, if it is so nice from up here then down there should be better.

The Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, is a South Asian island country, located in the Indian Ocean, situated in the Arabian Sea. It lies southwest of Sri Lanka and India. The chain of 26 atolls stretches from Ihavandhippolhu Atoll in the north to the Addu City in the south. Comprising a territory spanning roughly 298 square kilometres, the Maldives is one of the world’s most geographically dispersed countries, as well as the smallest Asian country by land area and population, with around 427,756 inhabitants. Malé is the capital and most populated city, traditionally called the “King’s Island” for its central location.

The Maldives archipelago is located atop the Chagos-Laccadive Ridge, a vast submarine mountain range in the Indian Ocean, which also forms a terrestrial ecoregion, together with the Chagos and the Lakshadweep. With an average ground-level elevation of 1.5 metres above sea level, it is the world’s lowest country, with even its highest natural point being the lowest in the world, at 2.4 metres. Due to the consequent risks posed by rising sea levels, the government pledged in 2009 to make the Maldives a carbon-neutral country by 2019.

The Maldivian archipelago took to Islam in the 12th century and consolidated as a sultanate, developing strong commercial and cultural ties with Asia and Africa. From the mid 16th-century, the region came under the increasing influence of European colonial powers, with the Maldives becoming a British protectorate in 1887. Independence from the United Kingdom was achieved in 1965 and a presidential republic was established in 1968 with an elected People’s Majlis. The ensuing decades have been characterised by political instability, efforts at democratic reform, and environmental challenges posed by climate change.

The Maldives was a Commonwealth republic from July 1982 until its withdrawal from the Commonwealth in October 2016 in protest of international criticism of its records in relation to corruption and human rights.

About to land…

The aircraft descended lower and lower, then we circled over the island. I could see the main island is very busy from the air. And the wheels touched down and parked outside the terminal building. All the passengers walked out and over to the immigration counters. This small airport was super busy and there were literally thousands of tourists in the building that have also landed from other countries, and others are leaving. I passed immigration and then collected my bag. I went outside the building and there were even more people and others are waiting with name signs. This looked like a riot to me…LOL sign board everywhere, and have to push through the sweaty crowd. Then there were guys offering taxis, by the thousands, and other offered trip and private excursions…the list goes on and on. I walked over to the resort counter and they ticked my name off and said to wait. They are also waiting for other customers to arrive and then we will all go to the boat to transfer to the report. This was easy.

I walked to the outside and told them, I will wait outside in the cool ocean breeze that I could smell the salty, fishy ocean.


I met up with the group and we moved to the boat that was going to transfer us to the resort. It is a small boat and covered so the water splash does get to you. The only downturn with the boat is that there is no air ventilation and really hot inside. But I endured for the next 20min until we reached the resort. We were welcomed with fresh drinks and wet towels, which I really needed to wipe sweat from my face. I walked over to the reception to check in and this was done in a few minutes, and I was granted a free WiFi code that could be used just about anywhere in the report. There were flowers everywhere, from pink roses to purple bouganvillas. It made me feel peace…

The porter loaded my luggage on a golf cart and we departed to the villa where I will stay for the weekend. I was also super hungry and wanted to taste some wine too.  My villa was close to the swimming pool and this was great news to me. I settled in and got my swimsuit ready for the afternoon.

Walked over the pool and dived in, it was so nice to relax and feel the cold water on my skin. There is also a small pool bar and thought to make use of it now. Stopped there and ordered some food and drinks to enjoy myself.


And this is where I wanted to spend my whole afternoon, sipping away on nice drinks and float off to the tranquil imagination.

This evening I was not feeling hungry, but definitely wanted to walk around the island and started close by where my villa was, the water was cool on my feet and the sand still warm from the sunset. There was also a light breeze and the sky was open, where I could see so many stars. This feeling is great to have freedom. Halfway around I passed the restaurant and could not resist the great flavour in the air. I stopped at the main area and ordered an amazing hamburger with fries. The flavours were fresh and delicate on my palate. The walk has made me hungry. There were also many other people eating and chatting away the evening. As you thought, the majority was couples and I could see the love is in the air… After my dinner, I continued around the beach back to my villa where I relaxed after a warm shower and slept so good.

The next day was beach day. I got my self-ready and departed for a heavy breakfast. The day is going to be long and a lot of swimming to be done.

I got to the beach and rented my snorkelling kit form the activity centre, the rental was $30 for the day. I was a nice spot and headed over there to settle in for the day. A staff member came and ask if I would like to drink anything….well yes please, I will love some wine and water, please. And so it was delivered.

Time to get into the water…



The known fish fauna of the Maldives now stands at some 1100 species, far exceeding biodiversity seen in most other regions. This is double the number of species that was known from the Maldives prior to the formation of the Marine Research Section in 1984. Despite the rich fish fauna, Maldives has very few endemic species (i.e. ones that are found here and nowhere else). Nevertheless, the rich biodiversity attracts many divers and snorkelers from all regions around the world.

I tried to count all the fish but lost count, there are hundreds of fish all around me. Some are camouflaged to the corral and other have bright colours, some follow you and others are on patrol along the deep reef.

I spend 3 hours in the water and was getting tired so a break would be really nice. To rest under the palm trees and take a breather for the next hour.

The resort staff was there again, and I ordered more refreshments. I also organised a hammock to lie in and soak up some sunshine. The wind is cool and the water blue. The sand is pearl white and wearing good sunglasses was a must on the beach.


Absolutely awesome, I love this place so much, and the tranquillity to that as well. For the rest of the afternoon, I remained on the beach. Lunch was ordered and enjoyed on the sand. I literally sat on the sand under the palm trees and enjoyed my food. This was very special to dine in such a way.

I had a plan for the evening and wanted to see a proper sunset and then enjoy local fish for dinner. Well if this is the plan then I better go and finish up now, the sun is busy moving down on the horizon…and only an hour left to organise my self.

I got back to the villa and had to clean off all the sand, LOL there is sand in just about everywhere and it took me longer to get done than expected. But I managed to get dress and rub some afterburn cream on my face and body. I was HOT from the sun all day long. I walked over to the pier where I wanted to enjoy the evening and was politely greeted, good evening sir. Table for one? Yes thank you, I spotted a nice location and told the staff to take me there. I ordered some wine and waited for the sun to set to enjoy my magic evening.


This was my last evening at the resort and tomorrow I will be flying out and back home. This gives me an extra reason to enjoy the evening to the max. After dinner, did I forget to mention that the fish was exceptional with a green fresh salad. The wine pairing was done right with a light fresh and crisp white wine. Well, I walked over to the main area and took my book there as well to enjoy a last drink and some relaxing reading before I go to bed.
 The next morning arrived far too quickly to me and I have one more opportunity to take a quick swim in the ocean.


After the nice refreshing swim, it was time to pack and head over to reception. The deal I got was discounted room rate but the rest of the prices was still normal rated in USD. On my next trip, I would rather book the all-inclusive package. With all inclusive, you can really get value for money and this will include the activities as well.

We took the boat ride back and before I could get my self the weekend was over and I was on my way back to the normal life… who wants to be normal when you can have fun.

Happy travelling and leave your tracks!





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