8 Easy things to do in Johannesburg

Here are a few tips and things to do next time you travel to Joburg as they call the city.

Recently I have had the opportunity to spend one month in Joburg and Pretoria and loved it, however, you got to be street smart and be careful with crime, unfortunately, I will have to mention this is not nice in South Africa. But we deal with it…right?

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Let’s start with the basics of transport in the city. Do not use public transport, Uber will be your safest option. You can also ask your hotel for a recommended taxi service, usually, they have one available. The city is actually so cool and diversity of mixed cultures from over Africa. You will either hate it or love it. If you are a lover of street art then get to Joburg asap! There are some of the best street art and performers I have ever seen. Below are a few photos for you.

1. Johannesburg City Tour
  Sitting on one of the richest gold-bearing reefs, Johannesburg or ‘eGoli’ has grown into a 2500 square kilometres mammoth city and the financial capital of South Africa. Affectionately called ‘Jo’berg’ or ‘Jozi’ by South Africans, this dynamic city is an interesting blend of old structures and glass-sheathed buildings.This tour is ideal for those wanting a quick orientation to the city. Enjoy panoramic views of the city from the ‘Top of Africa’, the observation deck of Carlton Centre. The 295 metre long Nelson Mandela Bridge is the longest bridge in South Africa. Built within the ramparts of the Old Fort (a notorious prison that dates back to 1892), Constitution Hill is a blend of the old and new.

2. Johannesburg Walking Tour
 Embark on a walking tour in Johannesburg to discover the beating heart of this South African metropolis. Home to the Rainbow Nation, this fast-paced city combines the best of the new South Africa with the country’s rich cultural history, and a great way to discover it all is by foot.The walking tour takes you through the key sights of multicultural Johannesburg. Set off from the heights of the Carlton Centre, passing through Main Street Mall and Gandhi Square on your way to Mai Mai Traditional Healers Market. Some very scary thing there for sale.

3. Sun City Tour From Johannesburg
  In an extinct volcano crater lies Africa’s kingdom of pleasure, the exotic Sun City! It is one of the biggest resorts in the world and is often called the ‘Las Vegas’ of South Africa.This fantasy world has four hotel complexes, and the most resplendent of them all is the Lost City, filled with a myriad attractions. Enjoy a walk on the rumbling Bridge of Time, flanked by statues of life-size elephants. There is lots of excitement in store at the Valley of Waves where a pool with a wave machine creates 1.8 metre high waves every 90 seconds! Other must-see sights here include the Palace of the Lost City, one of the most breathtakingly beautiful hotels in the world, with intricate carvings, mosaics, frescoes and hand-painted ceilings.

4. Pretoria and Voortrekker Monument Tour from Johannesburg
 Known as the Jacaranda City for all the purple blossom-bedecked trees which line its thoroughfares, Pretoria is a lovely, quiet city.This beautiful city lined with relics of outstanding architecture has attracted many tourists to South Africa. On this tour, acquaint yourself with the works of Sir Herbert Baker, the dominant force in South African architecture for two decades. His masterpiece is the Union Buildings – office of the South African government and the President of South Africa. Standing at Meintjies Kop, just like he envisioned, the Building overlooks Pretoria the same way the Acropolis of Athens does. At Church Square, the hub of Pretoria, you will find statues of the President of the South African Republic, Paul Kruger. The imposing granite structure called the Voortrekker Monument is the national icon for Afrikaans South Africans.

5. Rhino and Lion Park Tour from Johannesburg
 The Rhino and Lion Park in Gauteng is an exquisite nature reserve that forms part of South Africa’s top five attractions to visit. The visitor can experience a pretty good variety of wildlife, while still remaining close to Johannesburg. In fact, this tour is ideal for those who do not have much time in South Africa, but want to experience a “walk on the wild side” Set in the beautiful Kromdraai Conservatory, this game park stretches over 1400 hectares in the “Cradle of Humankind”, a declared World Heritage Site. The reserve is home to the white rhino, lions, hippos, cheetahs, and wild dogs that freely roam about the forest. Sip a sundowner and watch crocodiles at the Crocodile Pub. You can also spend your day just watching birds for which the reserve is home.

6. Gold Reef City and Apartheid Museum Tour
 Enjoy a visit to Johannesburg’s favourite theme park, Gold Reef City, that brims with activities and experiences. Also, visit the Apartheid Museum which brings alive the dark days of Africa’s racial discrimination. Gold Reef City is a fun place for the entire family and has some exciting thrill rides, casinos and restaurants. See an incredible reconstruction of an old mining town complete with a train station and stores from a bygone era. Without doubt, the most interesting part of Gold Reef City is the gold mine trip into the belly of earth (220 meters down) to witness demonstrations on how gold was mined during the day. Relive the sad tale of racial oppression uniquely captured within the walls of the Apartheid Museum. See full-blown photographs, metal cages and audio visual displays of apartheid scenes set in a room with double volume ceiling, concrete and red brick walls and grey concrete floor.

7. The Amandla Tour
 Sitting on one of the richest gold-bearing reefs, Johannesburg or ‘eGoli’ has grown into a 2500 square kilometres mammoth city and the financial capital of South Africa. Affectionately called ‘Jo’berg’ or ‘Jozi’ by South Africans, this dynamic city is an interesting blend of old structures and glass-sheathed buildings. A storage vault of history and culture of the African people awaits you at South Africa’s largest township – Soweto. An acronym for ‘South Western Township’, Soweto stands testimony to the segregation of the blacks by the white colonisers. One of the most stark reminders of apartheid is the Hector Pieterson Memorial, named after a 13-year old student who was shot during a student demonstration against apartheid laws.

8. Pretoria City Tour + Cullinan Diamond Mine
 Journey through the beautiful ‘Jacaranda City’ as Pretoria is called, and discover the spirit of the various peoples of South Africa. It is a place where historical buildings and 21st century modern architectural styles co-exist, where the vibrant township scenes complement upmarket fine-dining city restaurants and ultra-modern, bustling shopping centres are found next to quiet, beautiful churches. Tucked away in the charming village of Cullinan, situated 30km east of Pretoria in Johannesburg, Cullinan Diamond Mine is South Africa’s largest and most productive mine. The mine gained world-wide attention with the discovery in 1905 of an incredible 3000 carat stone. Dubbed the Cullinan Diamond , it is the largest uncut diamond ever found. Take in the old-world charm of the place – its iron buildings, churches, miner’s houses, mine offices and others. From the architectural splendour of South Africa’s administrative capital, Pretoria, to the mesmerizing brilliance of diamonds, this tour is a must-do. 

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