Wine and Oyster festival

Being a wine lover myself, last week I saw an advertisement for a new best food & wine festival in Pretoria!

The Fijnwyn wine festival has been established as one of Pretoria’s favourite calendar events for any wine lover. The idea of the festival was to bring the Cape to Gauteng.

Shokran is a unique events venue situated in a tranquil farm setting amid pecan nut and almond plantations only 12km from Woodlands Boulevard.

It is the ideal setting for families to enjoy a day where they will feast their senses on wine, food and music.

In 2018 there will be 4 festivals throughout the year so be sure to visit them for at least one of them. There are a variety of boutique wine estates which include Vrede & Lust, Louis 57, Beyerskloof and many more. Come and enjoy delicious food & wine pairing and spend some quality time with family & friends.

Check out the website for more details on locations and dates when you are travelling in South Africa. HERE

Here are a few photos of the setting of the event.


Nice quote!


The tranquil setting of the tables.


People love the show, sit back and relax.



Here are all the food stalls you can buy the most delicious homemade delicacies.


This is the day that is filled with fun, wine, food and friends. An absolute of you like any of the mentioned words to book your ticket and get there for the day.

The Oyster area was my favourite and I was able to get my hands on the Giant Oyster. This is simply not something you just swallow, you have to chew it a few times, but soft and had the freshest flavour ever that I experienced. Happy man!





Contemplating this Giant!


And how many can you eat…Well, I ate 4 ! and it felt like a complete meal, a meal at was fresh from the ocean. Now its time to go an explore some wine and see what is available for test and buy.

The variety of wine farms are massive, and it takes about 20 min farm to look, test and buy some wine. It was super busy but a lot of fun, take your time and relax then move slowly from one to another was t key here.


images (1)

images (2)



My favourite wine!

CARL EVERSON – Chenin Blanc
Says winemaker, Attie Louw, “We always knew that this specific Chenin Blanc vineyard, was special, bearing fruit loaded with complex flavours and wine with a beautiful elegance in structure. As early as 1987 this vineyard received the accolade as the champion vineyard block in South Africa. This is a premium vineyard from which a premium wine was made. It is thus a great honour and privilege to name this Chenin Blanc, the first wine in our Heritage Range, after our great-grandfather, Carl Everson.”

The beauty of this wine is even though it stays the same each year (as it’s harvested from the same Single Vineyard classified block on the farm), each year is different. The 2015 vintage shows freshness and finesses with some floral notes even present, but with that same distinctive depth and complexity of fruit, we’ve learned to appreciate and love of the Carl Everson Chenin. These precious 35-year-old vines, old French barrels, spontaneous fermentation and minimalistic cellar intervention, in the end, proclaim the Slanghoek terroir through this wine.

Have fun and leave your tracks!

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