10 Things to do while in Cape Town

From my previous posts, I received so many inquiries and was overwhelmed, on what are there to do in Cape Town. So I thought it well and developed my favourite list of things to do while you are there. These are things I have done in the past and would highly recommend them to any traveller with any type of travelling experience.

  1. Go wine tasting, of course. But there are over 2000 vineyards and wine estates in the Western Cape, so where to start? Book a wine tour with
    Half-Day Cape Winelands Tour
     , the boutique touring company invites you to explore the province through wine. You can visit up to five wine estates a day – and even more if you choose to go on a weekend away.
  2. Be a beach bum. We have gorgeous stretches of sea and sand at every turn. Or opt for a thrill of a different kind and take a dip in one of our natural rock pools, dotted around the city and surrounds. While you are there you can sip on some of the wine you have bought on the previous trip. I would highly recommend a beach towel of this kind:  Sand Free Outdoor Beach Blanket
The beach at Bloubergstrand…so nice there.

  3. Soak up the urban creativity on a street art tour in Woodstock. This trendy neighbourhood boasts a number of walls adorned with art in an array of colours and designs. You can also find an array of cafes in the surrounding areas and street.

4. Try a Gatsby – Cape Town’s signature super loaf, which is usually stuffed with slap chips and a range of other fillings like polony, steak, atchar, and much more. It’s delicious. When most people hear the word ‘Gatsby’, they think mysterious millionaire, equally mysterious green light, flapper dresses and broken American dreams. When Capetonians hear it, they think monstrous foot-long sandwich heaving with hot chips, dripping with sauce and crammed with everything but the kitchen sink. The legendary stacked roll that’s become an icon of Mother City fast food outlets and a staple of many a local resident’s diet was, it appears, actually named after the famed Fitzgerald tale. Ask around for it or go to these places, Biesmiellah, The Golden Dish, Super Fisheries, Farm Stall & Takeaway.

5. This is a no-brainer: You have to go up Table Mountain – it’s one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

6. It is imperative that you check out Cape Town’s famous Long Street. The CBD roadway is known for its endless offering of clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants and more.

7. Go shark cage diving Just two hours away from Cape Town, this location is known as the Great White Shark capital of the world. You will love this adventure!
Shark Cage Diving Cape Town

8.  View over 3000 creatures at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Perfect for kids and curious adults alike, this spot is home to thousands of aquatic species and even hosts children’s birthday parties.

9. Visit the V&A Waterfront. Tourists and Capetonians alike love it for its restaurants, local and international shops, and endless variety of entertainment. The Silo District has become one of the most popular spots at the V&A. Wander there too.

10. Book a tandem paraglide, microlight or gyrocopter trip and take in the beauty of the city from a vantage point few ever have the opportunity to see. No experience necessary; just dress for the weather and prepare for a good time.

Happy travelling and leave your tracks!

Below are a few more ”bonus” tips:

You can also check out friends website for tours and safaris in Africa,

I would highly recommend them.

5 Day Garden Route: Port Elizabeth to Cape Town

Atlantico Cape Town Helicopter Flight (20 min)

Cape Peninsula Tour

Table Mountain Hiking Tour

Whale-watching in Hermanus

6-Day Garden Route and Winelands Tour

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