Custom Wedding Accecories.

About a year ago, I was one of the best men at my brother’s wedding. The location was carefully chosen and nestled deep in the forest with ancient trees. Yes, you can imagine that the photos and atmosphere was wonderful. We arrived for the weekend and the guys were lodging at a separate place than the women, for obvious traditional reasons, which I think is actually a good thing in one sense. The forest was a great choice, however, it was cool there but stunning below is one photo of the setting. A-1034.jpg

We started to get ready for the evening before the wedding and a few other guys also came over for celebration and BBQ. We love BBQ and will find just about any excuse to celebrate and add meat on to the grill.

Early next morning, it was the big day! The guys got together also with my father. We prepared a nice breakfast and started to get dressed. Its almost photos time.

Before I continue to write more about the wedding, I want to bring the heading into focus. My brother and his wife are goldsmiths and have been for a considerable few years. Thus they have amazing skills, and where the skills will most use are for your own wedding right? Yes, they have created their own rings, cufflinks, pocket flowers, earrings, bowties and pendants. O’ I forgot, he also made our family sign into a ring and cufflinks for the wedding.  All of this was artisan and craft on the next level. Something infused to a generation of details and love. They have established Facebook pages and you can visit them anytime and place an order. For the custom rings got to this site and for the BowTies.

 We are now all ready for the photo session and the weather has been a cloudy and cool breeze in my hair. Met the photographer and walked down to the area they have selected for the best photos. All set lets go. Below are a few photos we have taken of the groomsmen of the day.


They made one for each groomsman, with each name on, and the flowers are endemic to the area.


Handcrafted leather bow ties for the groomsmen.



I am on the left of the photo, then the groom (my brother) and two good friends.


Our Father and inspiration.

This was fun and the humour was high. As fast as all the planning had to be done, for the wedding, just as fast it was all over. With only photos as memories to share for generations to come. I love you all!

Here are a few snapshots of the couple.

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