Jumping from the highest bungy bridge in the world!

Making this decision was pretty tough, not knowing what an experience it will be…

As I drove on the N2 from Stillbaai to Jeferysbay on the bike, I drove over a massive bridge with many road signs indicating not to stop and it is illegal to stop on the bridge. This was Bloukrans River valley. As I went over the bridge I slowed down to read some road sign for my travels. I noted a very popular sign, jumping from the highest bungee bridge in the world, this way! Now I was really curious to know what is happening there, I thought well at least stop and take a few photos for memory.

This is the view from the coffee shop. (intimidating isn’t it)20180325_152041.jpg

Drove into the parking area, stopped the bike, light a cigarette to really ponder about the decision I am about to take… I walked down to the area where they fit the harnesses to the people and spoke to a very pleasant and ambition guy whom works there and love the idea that I was not sure if I should jump. Well, he lights a cigarette and started talking to me about the details, and the time and price and details…he mentioned how the busses full of Indian rolls in and then he knows he is going to develop a sixpack from laughing how they react to the jump, apparently this is amusing. After we talked, I walked to the coffee shop got a coffee and observed the view, where I could hear the people shouting from adrenalin, jumping from the bridge. The air was cool and slightly clouded with a breeze that I could feel on my face, as I was sipping on the coffee.

I walked over to the office and said, here is am, sign me up now! Once these words have left my mouth my stomach knew its time to make amazing sounds and feelings. I felt delighted and proud of my decision, still didn’t know whats coming.

They captured all my details at the office, while I was in the queue to the weight scale with so many other foreign people. Next was me to stand on the scale, got my weight and jump number for the day, followed the instruction to wait for the group at the gate in 30min. A very long 30min if you asked me.

As a group, we descended down the walkway and then over the mesh walkway attached under the bridge. You can see through the walkway and this didn’t help much with the stomach, LOL I was walking so slo…and people kept on asking me to walk faster to keep up with the group. Eventually, we arrived and I was already shaking.  We were arranged in accordance with the jump number and then briefed about the safety and procedures.

A quick view from the platform, where you jump from. 20180325_163116.jpg

It was my turn, to move to the front and get strapped into the harness and elastical cord. All set and tied, I moved to the front of the jumping platform, realising shit just got real when I look down 300 meters. As I hold onto the two instructors I could feel my knees slowly developing into jelly, leaning forward…



READY, three, two, one, JUMP!

As I freely fell through the air toward the ground with a masive spike in adrenalin, i could brearly breath against the rush in my head. There was no time to think, only feel, feeling is believing and before I could see it was all over. The safety coordinator descended down to secure a secondary line to my harness and rolled us up to the top. During the slow upwards, I was feeling so shaky and my sweaty hands clamped onto the safety guy. I was feeling hot on my face and my legs were beyond control.

As each person gets to jump, every one that comes back up had this massive smile on their face, and I could see everyone was proud of the act they have just completed.

We all walked back to the office and the photos were sent to the email address. It was fun and all the action was over in less than 2 hours. It’s time for me to get back to the bike and driver to my next destination.

Here is the link, JUMP for you to contact them and book your appointment of adrenalin, you can also rock up there and walk in, however they have scheduled groups that departs on certain times of the day.

Go and have fun, and leave your tracks !









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