Easter weekend with the family in Cape Town.

We have traveled down to Cape Town for Easter weekend to see and meet up with other family, that have recently moved to Cape Town.

Below is a photo of me enjoying the beach at Blouberg Strand, this is the best place in the world to relax and hang out with the family and loved ones.


So we arrived in Cape Town, right before the Easter weekend, and o`boy how busy was the airport and roads. We got to the car rental and pickup and really cool VW for the road trip. Then headed off the the Strand area next to Gordons bay, where the sun was shining warm and the ocean cool mist was blowing in. The scenic road was long and the roads busy as people traveled for the weekend all over the place. We have stopped on the road to take a few photos and drink water.

We met the AirBnB host and she showed us the apartment that was overlooking the water and situated on the front line and the second floor of the building. All of us was WOW`ed with the view and immediately opened the windows to embrace the cool ocean air. We settled in and took a walk to the nearest ice cream palour. whom served the best soft service ice cream in town. we strolled slowly to the main beach area and then moved over to the beach and sandy shores where the sun was already setting over table mountain in the back drop. I decided to sit down for a cold one at the Belgium bar next to the beach and enjoyed a Duvel from Belgium overlooking the golden sunset with happiness…20180330_183453.jpg

Once the sun has set, I joined up with my brother at home, snuggled into bed hearing the ocean in the background, as I drifted off to a place with harmony.

Early next morning we were off to buy some fresh fish, and also wanted to take out a few mussels from the rocks, Yes i will be spoiling the family with my amazing skills to prepare the seafood on the BBQ. The fresh fish was dirt cheap and baught them at the pierre where the fishermen are cleaning the fish for you aswell. the young guys from the local fold are very cheeky and quick with the mouth…these kids are hilarious to talk to and so much fun to see the humbleness.

Below are the fresh black rock mussels and the fresh snoek, very authentic from the Cape region.

Here is ,my recipe to prepare the mussels;

The souse can be used for so many dishes and applicable to the two in topic.

Melt butter slowly add fresh lemon juice, lots of garlic, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Pick them fresh, and clean them with fresh water, remove all the excess dirt and shells. Put them in a pan or foil tin of you do not want to get black soot on your pots or pans. give them high heat, and stir until all are open and 90% water have evaporated. Take them off the heat and remove once piece of the shell and the brown beard with tendent. After cleaning put them into a nice bowl and chill. mix all of it together with the below special sauce i make for the both dishes. You can also add rocket for a very fresh flavor, people will love it !

The fish will be already prepared from the harbor, then line the grid with foil on the skin side and bright side of the foil to touch the skin side of the fish. Put the foil side close to medium warm coals, and leave the fish. Go have a glass of wine to relax, cooking is hard work… Once the fish is warm you’ll all the above sauce gently to the fish. leave for a small time and then only turn once to the flesh side until light golden brown and then turn back for a small bit…you’ll feel the fish and once the flesh can easily break off its ready or with experiences, you’ll see the bubbles have stopped. Enjoy all this with wine and rice, so delicious.

After dinner, all of the family took a short drive to the beach…to enjoy the sunset of the fantastic day. Look at the below amazing golden photos…

Now that we have had the best time, its time to move on and do some wine tasting tomorrow…

We carefully planned and visited a few wine farms for tasting and order, where you can actually place an order and they will deliver to your address even to Europe.

The first place on the list, was Fairwiev (See them here) and most definitely my favorite aswell. Here is a photo of me by the entrance and the world famous goats that is used for the cheese productions.

As we strolled trough the nice vineyards to the entrance, we enrolled to the wine tasting section. And booked a session…you have to try this wine and cheese pairing. The place was packed with tourists from local and brought.

There was 6 wines and 6 cheeses to pair and taste, also a very nice rose petal syrup was available when the cheese was to strong and you dip it for flavor. All the products are available on the website and you can order from any where in the world. After the tasting we ordered 20 bottles of wine for and arranged for them to deliver the wine, this would be too much for the check in luggage…

We also got a few other items from their shop, and one of them was very much the same as the one on Amazon, which is a cheese service board; Bamboo Cheese Serving Platter – With 3 Removable Ceramic Bowls.

We enjoyed lunch here aswell, i ordered a pulled pork with bbq sauce and crispy bun with organic garden greens. And definitely another bottle of white wine.

Next up was Byerskloof winery on the way back. Where the winery specializes with red wine and the believe me this is the best red wine and the view was so nice.

By this time the wine was flowing and we enjoyed, so we bought a few bottles of wine from different vineyards and went back home for the last bit of fun. We nicely organised some cheese, wine, snacks, olives, and subtitle glasses… That evening was time to wind down and enjoy the last bit of golden sunset over the ocean, with another good bottle of wine.


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